Trade Show and Other News

Every year we have an opportunity to see new product demonstrations and attend sessions at Pacific West Association's annual trade show and expo. This year, as it was last year, it was held June 15 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim. This is always a time to hear from others in the real estate industry, learn about new developments and tools available to us as Realtors. It's always about how to increase our service to our clients and what we can offer to do our job better, and with over 100 exhibitors and several industry speakers, there were plenty of opportunities, not the least of which was the legal update offered by our Association counsel. There are also many software products and internet-related methods for doing business that we always get excited so that our clients will eventually know that this translates into improved service for them. 
Talking about increased opportunities, maybe you've noticed more open house signs recently?  The inventory has about doubled during June, to a more normal level of inventory. If you got frustrated in past months because of the hot and heavy competition with other buyers, take a look again.

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