Brad Inman's Comments on A Realtor's Everyday Risks

Not pleasant but true: Realtors DO work hard and risk much in the ordinary course of their business. Click here http://inman.com/blogger/bradinman.aspx for his comments of August 20, 2004:

"Murder and Realtors
This summer, Garland Taylor in New Mexico and Deede Keller in Southern California were both murdered. It is ridiculous to come to any conclusions or connections between the industry and these two senseless acts.
However, it has always been intriguing to me how the average Realtor is fearless compared to other types of professionals. They put their home phones and their pictures on their business cards. They stand watch alone at well-advertised open houses, often in expensive homes with costly stuff lying around.
They are independent contractors who must fight for their money. No one supports them.
Plus, homebuyers expect Realtors to be 24/7 servants in the home buying process, always accessible and ready to respond.
The every-day agent is not murdered but they take their share of abuse, just doing their job.
-- Bradley Inman"

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