Long Beach Ranks 18th in 50 Cities

This is about the defined city center vs. the sprawl, and how the fit is for local transportation, food provision and wireless access in case of further and more gas price crises. While our food still gets trucked in as neighboring farming areas are plowed under for new housing, California still qualifies as a major food producing area. This article is about who SustainLane thinks would deal best with a gas crisis, in other words, where are we independant? Long Beach/Los Angeles ranks 18th in this list. But something to think about even more is if you're considering a move to a lower priced housing market, take a look first at local health care costs, heating, air conditioning, local property taxes and assessments, how much it costs to get your car fixed, and how far you'll have to drive it to the grocery store if you live in an outlying suburb. It's tempting to think about the price tag on a house, but before you make the leap, factor in everything you can to get your true cost.

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