That First Home

Dream homes are great to dream about, but please don't expect everything without the money to match. Expectations that are too high might cause the first-time homebuyer to miss a golden opportunity. If you've been renting and don't have much equity, the smart thing to do is look into the future at the second or even third home as the one that really represents where you want to be. People believe their parents did the right thing by buying, but many people forget that their parents may have also built up the move-up over time.

Financial coast David Bach says, "... renters may need to take a step backward when buying their first home. It's almost always better to cut the renting cycle as soon as you can and to continue to upgrade from there," he said. "Buy what you can afford now, build equity, and move closer to that dream home."

With today's loan products, there is ample opportunity to get into that first property, where you realistically may not be staying for more than 3 to 5 years, so remembering that, compromising on home features may be easier to do. Read this article about the Wells Fargo buyer survey.

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