The Return to a Normal Market?

This Los Angeles Times article (July 23, 2006) may not stay available online much longer, but it's a good discussion of the current Southern California market picture. People afraid of a return to the '90's recession may be worrying unnecessarily. As has been stated often, the market fundamentals today are vastly different than those of the '90s, says John Karevoll of Dataquick Information Systems. He, and many other economic sources including California Association of Realtors, still predict an overall appreciation in the median home price of 6% or more, in the Southland and statewide. While one simply cannot know all the future events, Karevoll is willing to be quoted saying in a worst-case scenario, homeowners should not lose more than 7% of their homes' value. So the current standoff between buyers and sellers, with buyers waiting for a huge drop in prices, is not supported, not in this article anyway. Areas with overbuilding in condos have seen a drop, but that does not mean all condo prices in all areas are losing. Some sales figures, or lack thereof, reflect a dropoff in activity after a long held back huge demand has been met, and then overmet. The frenetic activity from selling a home in a week or two has definitely slowed, but many younger buyers see that as a "drop in the market" because they never experienced anything else, or what the historical "norm" has been of 30-90 days on the market.

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