What Is The Current Time On Market

What’s the time on the market. A quick check in our local MLS for houses in 90803 (Long Beach near the coastline and adjacent neighborhoods) shows 117 single family residences at an average active list price of $1,444,122, with 25 in escrow: That means about 4.68 months inventory on the market for houses. Some people don’t think this shows an extraordinary supply vs. demand, although it certainly provides a much better opportunity for buyers to see what’s on the market and having some time to think it over before making an offer. With 76 condos (not including lofts or own-your-owns), on the other hand, at an average price of over $581,000, there is almost a 7 month supply in the same area. Still a great buy for buyers to be near the ocean in an area where a house would be unaffordable for them. Search properties at http://www.juliahuntsman.com.

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