Bubble's pop was akin to a slow leak-K. Harney

There will be much talk about foreclosures this year: Those adjustable rate mortgages are coming out of their initial lower start period, and much to the surprise of some borrowers, are now the source of some bumps in their homeownership road. If you're reading this and think you're one of those people, just e-mail, leave a comment, or call for financing information. In many cases, a worst case scenario can be headed off with a new loan made with full disclosures about how it works. You may be paying a little higher interest rate for a while, but you can usually fix that after you bring up your credit score so that you can get a more competitive loan. This process may save you and keep you in the home you want. Understanding financing is crucial in today's world which offers so many options--it's important to understand their terms before you sign on the dotted line. Read here about more commentary on national markets, including the 7% appreciation overall in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area in spite of decreased sales volume. Bubble's pop was akin to a slow leak - Los Angeles Times.
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