It used to be we had the book, and they had to come to us for information.”

That quote from Rob Levy, a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon refers to the MLS book, an artifact from ancient past history as long ago as the late '90's, a piece of history that by now is probably little known to younger prospective buyers entering the market for the first time who are used to quick access to information. That was back when a trusted Realtor was considered the major source of information about homebuying and selling. Fast forward now to a time when real estate information is everywhere in print and on the internet, it's so much everywhere from so many sources, that choosing the right information from the right source takes labor, time and a lot of self-education for the buyer. It's becoming important to know where to look.

Like the buyers in the article, "Buyers Who Go It Alone" by Buck Wargo, REALTOR® Magazine Online, they may think it's easy because maybe their first transaction was smooth. But different real estate cyles have a tendency to change situations, plus new laws in real estate impose additional requirements and disclosures, which may leave both buyers and sellers in quandry in the middle of a transaction if they decided to leave a qualified REALTOR® out of the mix.

Internet tools, such as MLS searches on REALTOR® websites and other online media article, are great resources not available in the past, and a non-pressured way of looking. But I'm also finding in this market that there are those who have done very little prior research and would rather come into the open house and talk personally with a Realtor, and I'm wondering if there isn't so much universal information to be sifted through, that despite media publications to the contrary, most prospective buyers and sellers want "local, up close and live" talk from a professional whose business it is to provide specialized expertise and knowledge accumulated from experience and competence.

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