Long Beach Local Zip Code Stats

Here are just a few stats for areas closer to shoreline - December 2006 median price:

90803, Belmont Heights, Bluff Park, Belmont Shore, Naples areas - 13 single family residences sold for median price of $1.135 million, a decrease of about 10% from Dec. 2005;
10 condos sold at $446k median price, an increase of 5.1% over last year.

90814, Bluff Heights, partial Belmont Heights -
13 single family residences for for median price of $700k an increase of 5.7% from previous year;
8 condos sold at $431k mediain price, an increase 13.8% over last year.

90813, Downtown areas -
12 single family residences sold at median $440k, an increase of 12.8%;
7 condos sold at $345 median price, an increase of 3.0% from 2005.

For current market listings where it's easy to search by price and zip code, go to the Property Search at www.juliahuntsman.com.

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