L.A. Area Trends

Yesterday the Dow broke 13,000 for the first time, there's no sign of rents decreasing overall, and the median home price in Los Angeles County continues to increase so far for 2007. In spite of all the talk about foreclosures and subprime loans resetting in 2007 and 2008, California may only see a fraction of their delinquencies go into foreclosure because of preventive measures and assistance taken by the respective lenders.
Only a fraction of all delinquent loans will actually go into foreclosure because of measures taken by lenders to prevent costly foreclosures. For borrowers who face temporary problems, these include delaying payments for a short period of time or scheduling a lump sum payment in the near future. For borrowers with more severe problems, alternatives include short sales or mortgage forgiveness. At present, it is anticipated that the proportion of foreclosures in California should be near the long-run average of just under one percent.

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