Getting Your Home Insurance Lined Up

Home insurance coverage in California is important for everyone, but this article about Allstate Insurance is why homebuyers especially need to be vigilant. Insurance coverage for homeowners is cyclical, and depends on the disaster climate in which companies underwrite. Although they say they are no longer to give coverage, or coverage is contingent on certain factors being present, insurance companies have been known to change their minds later. Nevertheless, when you're in escrow, or even when you are house shopping, start researching possible insurance companies. There was a time when coverage could easily be obtained about 10 days before escrow closed, but that hasn't been around for a long time, and it's getting stickier. Your credit may be checked, and prior claims on the property you wish to insure may impact which company will insure you. There's really no time to waste for finding coverage before you close escrow. If you're obtaining a loan, it will be required by the lender, and you should get it regardless.

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