How Does Your Garden Grow? Southern California Tips

Environmental factors have always been with us--and now more than ever. Southern California is an arid area and its desert climate is often forgotten among the urbanites. More than we realize, we benefit by utilizing plants and landscaping factors original to this area. Water-saving plants not only look good and blend in, they save money by using less water which is now required to serve even more people in new and spreading developments throughout the state. Take a look at this site--it's a great resource for planning out your garden, which you can save online for a period of time, and how to pick a theme, what is plant functionality, choosing fire-resistant plants, water irrigation and maintenance, to name a few.

See what another garden looks like in Santa Barbara or how to plant a hillside, find out how to create a custom watering schedule, and see what the current watering index is for your area and time of year ("The Watering Index is a percentage based on the maximum amount of water you should apply on your landscape. Typically this is the amount you would use in July or August, when temperatures are high, rainfall is scarce and days are long. But starting in September, as days grow shorter, water stays in your soil longer and you do not need to water as much.") This is a really great site through the Metropolitant Water District, and one gardeners especially should love.

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