Deciding on the Right Home Improvements

How do you know the right home improvements to make? It's not a one-size-fits-all. Knowing the architectural style of your home, the economic level of your neighborhood, and the usual percentage of return are things to keep in mind.

What do buyers expect to see when they walk in the door of a Mission revival or a Craftsman bungalow, or a 1950's tract home? Buyers sometimes miss your perspective and decide instead they might have to spend more money to rip it out. Are you installing a new floor to please yourself because you'll probably be there for the next five years, or are you contemplating selling in the near future? If the latter is the case, you'll probably want to make an improvement for curb appeal, not for the most expensive appearance. Staging your home for sale could put your home sale on a faster track for an offer, and might help to compensate for the neighborhood factors or other property features if a buyer can see himself living in it as a result. One of the best improvements: an outdoor patio or deck, new kitchen upgrades. One of the worst improvements: very customized spaces such as a wine cellar, sauna--or expensive technology installations such as a CAT5 cable that are outdated by the time the house sells.

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Louisville Real Estate said...

Great post. Modern kitchen appliances always catch a buyer's eye, so kitchen upgrades are a great place to start!


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