A Note for the 4th of July

It's only fitting to check in at the site for Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, not only because he was a President, but also his final day is recorded on a July 4 (but back in the 1800s).

Tomorrow, 76 people from 36 counties will become United States citizens in a ceremony at Monticello. These ceremonies for Monticello started in 1963, are presided over by a local judge and are accompanied by patriotic music by the Charlottesville Municipal Band.

If they haven't bought their new U.S. home yet, we hope they will soon. Many Americans don't realize that the United States is one of the very few countries where a buyer can obtain a 30-year mortgage without discrimination towards age, marital status, race, or gender discrimination, with zero down if need be. The variety of loan options available in this country does not exist in many countries where 20% down is still the standard.

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