Southern California's Hot Weather Breeds Mosquitoes

Last year's news on the West Nile virus is really still with us, so much so that the Department of Public Health for the State of California recently published a bulletin about standing water and green pools. It's mainly directed towards real estate managers and other property managers who might be concerned with vacant properties and unattended pools, but standing water could be a problem in a lot of locations, such as a chronic low point at a street intersection which catches the neighbor's lawn runoff.
"Standing water" in this bulletin is what has been in a pool for more than 7 days, it supposedly takes 7-10 days for "green pool" mosquito eggs to hatch.
It's easy enough to check for tubs or pots or other small containers around your property and overturn them if they are collecting water. Better yet, put them out of reach of falling water. Potted plants that are overwatered are also an ideal site for mosquito breeding--especially in very hot weather.
If a green pool, or stagnant fountain is around you, you can help by calling the number in this bulletin: "You can find your local agency on the California WNV website (www.westnile.ca.gov) on the right side under 'locate your local mosquito and vector control agency' or by calling 1-877-968-2473 (1-877-WNV-BIRD)."

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