You Can Lose Out by Waiting To Buy

I decided to make my post on another blog a subject for today. A reader comment at another blog prompted me to respond. The reader's reference was to Option ARM's and that they would wait to buy a home instead of getting this type of loan. which received so much bad press recently in the media. These are not the only available loans, although electronic media would have you believe that according to their massive single-topic coverage agenda. Good advice to prospective home buyers is the same now as 10 years ago--educate yourself as to your loan options, that may mean speaking to more than one broker, or asking a broker to draw up 2 or 3 scenarios for you based on different factors, such as interest rate, down payment, 15 or 30 or 40-year loan, interest-only, FHA or conventional, 1st-time homebuyer plans, down-payment assistance plans. If you first speak to your REALTOR, he/she could save you time and energy in your early loan-shopping stages by discussing some basic terms and strategies.

"Have you tried to find a loan that would work for you that’s NOT an option ARM? Option ARM’s by the way are very workable loans for the right buyer, but have you looked into a buydown loan, for instance. They were going back in the 90’s during the recession and have come back again. Essentially, part of your loan interest is pre-paid (a negotiable item with the seller if you ask) and you save money on your initial payments for the first 2-3 years before you come up to the regular 30-year fully indexed rate you agreed upon in your loan. The market is still good on numerous loan options, the key thing is having a good FICO score, but still, FHA loans (if you fit in its loan amount cap) are a good route to go if you have a score as low as 580, just know they look at you and all your risk factors and there are going to be letters of explanation for your situation. FHA loans have PMI, but that PMI is now tax deductible. Then there’s 80/10/10 conventional loans. And last, but not least, seller carrybacks are re-emerging, again a negotiated item but very successful with the right seller. So don’t close the door until you’ve looked into all the corners!"

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