Do Abandoned Oil Wells Impact Your Neighborhood

In early Southern California real estate, homeowners were enticed into additional income by having an oil well, literally in the back yard behind a little bungalow house. On a larger scale, oil was drilled for in certain areas which coincide with earthquake fault lines. Many were capped and ultimately receded into dim memory. But no longer. The presence of these wells could have an impact on a seller's use of their property.
Long Beach oil wells
While this map gives only the overview, you get the idea of how many active (green) and abandoned (red) oil wells there are in the Long Beach area alone.

The City of Huntington Beach considers this such a vital issue that a report is required by law to be made by a seller as to the whether or not any such wells were ever present on a property.

According to the company which maps these wells, there are 4,000 abandoned wells in Long Beach, 1600 in Signal Hill, and 3600 stretching from Seal Beach to Newport Beach. For a larger version of this map, just e-mail me.

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