The Things That Help a Listing Sell

In a market where the inventory is over 6 months in many areas, buyers have a lot more homes to view before deciding to make an offer to the seller. Sellers have much more competition. Buyers have more time to compare. In any market, however, it's always wiser for sellers to prepare their home for sale, and here are some photos of a refurbished house waiting for a buyer.

Not everyone can or will pay a professional stager to set up their home, however, just getting the basics will take a seller a long way:

An uncluttered home that is clean, enough furniture to create the scale of the room or rooms, and the right size furniture so the room does not feel crowded; enough personal possessions so the buyer can identify with the space, yet not too many personal items such as a large number of family photographs that will snag or distract the buyer's attention away from the focus of viewing the house as their potential home; soft or neutral colors that create a background for the buyer to imagine himself living there with his furniture; shiny hardwood floors or a cleaned carpet; clean bathrooms and kitchens with shining counters; a coat of paint and well done repairs. Outdoors, fresh flowers and a raked and watered lawn or other landscaping creates "curb appeal" when the buyer arrives for the showing.

The home in this example is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath single family house listed for $869,000 and has been completely refurbished by the owners/listing brokers Laura and Richard Martin of Laurich Realty.


Notary Public said...

I LOVE your blog. Very nicely layed out with great pictures. I like the amount of information you provide to your clients. Best wishes.

Julia Huntsman said...

Thanks for your comments!


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