Seaport Marina Hotel Project Will Be Revised

Seaport Marina Hotel
Lennar Homes is now dropping its project to build 425 condos or townhomes plus other mixed use development at the Seaport Marina Hotel site, leaving the current operator of the site, Taki-Sun, to work out a new, scaled-down, project that will please Taki-Sun and the community. Negotiations on this project began a long time back (previous post), and have also been complicated by the area residents' objections to a proposed Home Depot construction in the same area (proposal was passed 6-3 by the City council, but is now being challenged by the Coastal Commission). This same area is part of a long term plan as reflected in the post about the SEADIP proposal, and new development will bring an additional burden on the roadways, and ultimately, quality of life, to the area.

It seems that everyone wants to be at the beach, but finding the room for maintaining coastal environment vs. building development is more and more a challenge. Our open areas along the entire Southern California coastline diminish with each decade, so every proposed use now carries more focus and stringent study.

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