Long Beach Neighborhood, Lakewood and Cerritos Price Roundup for End of 2007

Happy New Year in 2008

Happy New Year to All--

here is my first post for 2008, a round up of some local prices for houses and condos in several Long Beach neighborhoods in the last quarter of 2007, for which I shamelessly ask for a sign-in.

Unlike the recession of the mid-1990's, selling time is much longer (all over the country, too) but prices may not be falling through the floor, and there may be even a tightening of inventory in such areas as Belmont Heights--I'll be adding more areas to this list in the next few days, so please check back.
Sales are typically lower in the 4th quarter of any year, as also reflected here.
Click on the links for actual lists of houses sold.

Belmont Shore and Naples (90803) - 43 houses sold in the 3rd quarter; 24 houses sold in the 4th quarter.
Bixby Knolls, California Heights, Virginia Country Club areas - 53 houses sold in 3rd quarter; 48 single family homes sold in 4th quarter.
Los Altos area homes (90815) - 19 single family homes sold in the 4th quarter; 42 sold in 3rd quarter.
Park Estates area homes (90815) - 6 sold in 3rd quarter; 1 sold in 4th quarter.
Cerritos (all) - 66 houses sold in 3rd quarter; 29 houses sold in 4th quarter.
Lakewood (all) - 130 houses sold in the 3rd quarter; 93 houses sold 4th quarter.

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