At Last! Finding the Right Home by Building Your Wish List

Here is a great video by Ilyce Glink talking about establishing your "wish list" for home buying. Whether you're currently a renter, or a homeowner who needs to sell before moving on, I believe this is what everyone really needs to do very early in their planning for a new home, from the house itself to the location that will best serve them! Once this is done, it's a lot easier to start matching up your desired neighborhoods and your financing programs with what's on your list. If you're looking for assistance on more ways to make that match, please contact me! If you're interested in a property search, either take a look at the Homebuyer Market Program below for a comprehensive approach to homebuying, or go to my MLS search at http://www.juliahuntsman.com/ . Why do I say "at last!"??? Well, this may deeply surprise some of you, but in my experience I have actually met buyers who believe they will "just know" they have found the right house when they walk into it, and also in my experience, the buyers who "just know" are the ones who did their homework first.

'Voice this!

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