Freddie Mac Suspension of Foreclosure Sales

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Starting today, sale of single family homes and 2-4 units on loans held by Freddie Mac will not be sold until the suspension period is over on January 9, 2009. Vacant single family homes are excluded from this suspension. This is to allow more time for Freddie Mac's loan modification program to be implemented. Read the Do's and Don'ts of Foreclosure.
If you are in this position, or close to it, please don't stop answering your phone or reading your mail. Lenders are now attempting loan modification programs, and engaging representatives to speak to you in person. (Ask for identification.) You could be hurting your chances of success if you ignore the many attempts made to contact you; some loan modification programs are the only chance the borrower will have to catch up, until you improve your FICO score and can get an improved refinance. If you would like to know more, please call me.

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