Lender-Owned Property Inventory in Long Beach Areas

click for info on this REO house As mortgage lenders develop their loan workout programs, the number of lender-owned properties coming on the market may slow down. In the meantime, many REO (real estate owned, or bank owned) properties are an opportunity for the investors and 1st-time buyers who are ready to buy.

Long Beach - 14% of the single family houses and condos listed in the CARETS-SoCalMLS (new expanded version of combined MLSs in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino Counties as of 11/11/2008!) are REO properties: 228 out of a total of 1,636.

Multi-unit (2+ units): 11%, 44 out of a total of 389.

(for photo at right, see post on Long Beach Ebell)
REO Loft at the former historic Long Beach Ebell

Cerritos - 10% of SFRs and condos: 11 out of a total of 112.

Lakewood - 13% of SFRs and condos: 29 out of a total of 226.
Multi-unit listings: 0 out of 9 listings.

Signal Hill - 11% of SFRs and condos: 5 out of a total of 55.
Multi-unit listings: 0 out of 10 listings.

Huntington Beach - 6% of SFRs and condos: 42 out of a total of 647.
Multi-units: 0 out of a total of 55.

Los Alamitos/Rossmoor - 5% of SFRs and condos: 4 out of a total of 73.

Seal Beach - 1% of SFRs and condos: 1 out of a total of 68.

Cypress - 4% of SFRs and condos: 4 out of a total of 90.

San Pedro - 4% of SFRs and condos: 11 out of a total of 280.
Multi-units: 14%, 2 out of 14.

Active listings only are given here, but for reference, per Dataquick on 10/23: "Foreclosure resales have emerged as a major market factor, accounting for 47.6 percent of all California resale activity last quarter." Not all market areas are equally impacted.

What is not shown in the list above are other "special condition" listings, such as short sales, probates, relocation or bankruptcy listings. The short sale listings in particular are an indication of future REO listings. For a list of short sale listings, please contact me.

For a comprehensive list of REO properties not all of which may be listed on the MLS, contact me.

For information on guidelines for loan modification, please contact me. I may be able to help you with Countrywide, Washington Mutual/Chase, IndyMac, Citigroup and the Hope for Homeowners.


New Jersey Real Estate said...

YOur bolg is very nice. I have really learnt a lot from this blog thanks

Anonymous said...

With home prices plummeting, would you recommend that prospective buyers rent for the meantime, allowing the market to level off?



Julia Huntsman said...

Right now it's kind of popular for posters to bring me their own website links selling listings, their rentals, or whatever. Dave, if you have been reading my blog, you would find other posts that clearly advocate the wisdom of a renter investing in this market, ESPECIALLY SINCE RATES HAVE COME DOWN. It depends on the renter's/buyer's situation, and how they will qualify for a loan obviously (tougher for many people right now, but try FHA 3% down) but if you are in the market to buy, please give me a call.


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