Lowest Interest Rates in 50+ Years

The e-mails from the lenders are pouring in to my inbox this morning. As of this morning, the 30 year fixed Fannie Mae Rate (conventional loans) is now 4.375%, and the FHA 30 year fixed is 4.750%!!! Even Jumbo 30 year fixed rates to $3 million are now 5.375%!!! And, if you're willing to pay a point (not a bad thing if you plan on living in your home for several years), your rate can be even lower, saving you thousands over the life of your loan, and maybe hundreds off your payment now.

Get on board with the new buying opportunity! Please contact me immediately if you would like to be prequalified for a higher purchase price.

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pedro said...

Someone really decided to put on their thinking cap, great going! It’s fantastic to see people really writing about the important things.

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