Will the Real Home Value Please Speak Up?

December, 2008 median home price: Is it $387,021 for Los Angeles County, or is it $278,000? Well, for one thing, you have to dig a little deeper. Dataquick's $278,000 median price figure is for "Southern California" which includes at least 5 counties (single family and condos), and if you've been following the reports, you know that Riverside County has taken a very large "hit" thus lowering the overall median for Southern California. The other important thing to know is that condos prices have softened considerably, and are lower overall than detached single family home prices. Zillow's median price of $387,021 is based on Los Angeles County alone, and is considerably higher based on its own calculations of "size and characteristics of homes in the area -- whether they were sold or not -- and other factors". California Association of Realtors for Los Angeles County is $336,980 (not including condos).

The thing to remember is that "all real estate is local". So if you would like to know the prices for your area, contact me for reported sales in your zip code or neighborhood.

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