Your New Home in the Long Beach Ranchos

A favorite area of Long Beach is "the Ranchos", a neighborhood of hoclick for listing infouses developed and built by Cliff May.

Built when the California ranch style home was really coming into style, these economical houses were the "tract home" version of the newly popular ranch style. They commonly feature interior courtyards and open floor plans, which are two of the reasons they are still so popular. Updated homes have improved cooling and insulation, but the overall characteristics of well lit rooms, open kitchens and living rooms, and large sliding glass doors to the outdoors, are what popularized the "Southern California lifestyle' of the post-World War II era.

Current listings are in the range of $515,000 to $649,000 (this is down more than $100,000 at the peak of the market). Original floor plans ranged from about 1100 sq. ft to about 1400 sq. ft., with attached 2-car garages, board and batten siding on single story homes on slab foundations, open kitchens with built-in ovens and formica counters, hardwood floors and low-pitched rooflines. While not officially an historic district, this area has many loyal followers of this style who more and more create additions and remodels that adhere to the Cliff May style. Interestingly, Cliff May, who was not an architect but was proficient at building homes, was descended from one of the early California families and loved the old Spanish/Mexican influence architecture designs in the early villas that were also characterized by courtyards and the feeling of outdoor acess with privacy. The "Ranchos" are not homes with the traditional "front yard"--over time the courtyards have accommodated landscaped patios, tree-covered decks, or great areas for fenced-in pools.
Contact me for more on selling prices in this neighborhood! Click on the link to see current listings in the Ranchos.  If there is something listed but you don't see it here, please let me know!

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Miami Beach Homes said...

These homes in "The Ranchos" seem like great opportunities for families and the lower prices provide more of an incentive as long as the buyer(s) know what they're getting into. Very informative post!


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