How Many Condos are Listed in Long Beach Under $250,000?

About 4 years ago, someone left a comment/question on one of my blog posts asking where in Long Beach a condo could be found for $250,000. I don't know where that person is now, perhaps they have already taken the plunge into homeownership, but if not, now is a much better time for looking for that condo.

A search in all of Long Beach on the MLS shows 185 active listings for studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums at $250,000 or less. Typical of today's market, many are short sales, however opportunity knocks for the buyer who has the ability and patience to wait.
The Marina Pacifica complex shown above has several listings in the lower price range. and this photo features a listing (CLW-09378967) for a studio at $199,000 with HOA fees of $379/month.
When getting pre-approved for a condominium purchase, a buyer should be aware of items such as the HOA dues amount, number of parking spaces and their location, whether or not the building is FHA approved, building amenities, and association documents as spelled out in the contract.
In other associations, monthly fees may range from under $100/month to several hundred dollars a month, so it's important to find which associations will work for you.
Condo living is usually a closer community living than a house in a neighborhood may be. Condos are a great doorway to homeownership, and may offer an opportunity to live in a desired area that the buyer may not otherwise be able to afford.

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