Have Your Documents Ready When You Call Your Lender

Are you at the critical point of "do I stay or do I go?"

In California, there are currently about one-third of all mortgages "under water", so many borrowers are contacting their lenders concerning loan modifications, or payment catch-up, their pre-foreclosure status, or a combination of all three. Borrowers are frustrated with the amount of time it takes when they contact their lender. Some banks are gradually become more efficient as they are assigning more people to their loss mitigation and loan modification efforts. Banks are still very swamped, and the average consumer is unaware of their low staffing and high demand.

To find a faster answer on which point of action you need to take, and to save yourself and your mortgage servicer precious time, when you call you should have ready:

  • The most recent monthly mortgage statement

  • Pay stubs or other documents showing your household's monthly pre-tax income

  • Most recent tax return

  • Second loan or home equity line of credit statements

  • Account balances and minimum monthly payments on credit cards, car loans, student loans or other debt.

  • A short, concise description of the financial hardship that is causing - or leading to - a mortgage delinquency.

See this Freddie Mac video posted on their site and on YouTube: Stop Foreclosure--Documents Your Lender Needs -- it's had over 4,000 hits in the last 30 days.

If you have decided you need to consider selling as a "short pay" (not all loan modification requests are granted by banks), please contact me for a market valuation and information on how I can help you with the process. Typically, different bank personnel involved in a short pay approval are other than those you may already have been dealing with on your loan modification effort, but your information you have gathered up to this point may save you some time.
Contact me for more information.

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