Quick Fact: More Single People Buy Real Estate

Many developments have taken place in just the last 10 years:

According to National Association of Realtors in Dec. 2009, the percentage of U.S. homes bought by married couples has declined in the last decade.
Married couples bought 60% of homes last year, down from 68% in 1999. Single women purchased 21%, up from 15% in 1999, and single men bought 10%, up from 7%.

Fewer people are buying detached single family homes, but more people are buying in the suburban neighborhoods.

Today, 90% of the buyers are searching online first--up from 37% 10 years ago.

But, unchanged is the median age for homebuyers--it's still 39 (did Jack Benny do this survey?) And neighborhood qualify, affordability and convenience to work location are still the top buyer priorities. And 8 out of 10 surveyed consumers believe owning a home is an investment in their future.

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