National Open House Weekend, April 10-11

While this weekend will be noted by many as Long Beach Grand Prix weekend (oops, it's next weekend!), an honored tradition here in Long Beach since the 1970's, others will take the opportunity to visit an open house. The upcoming weekend is the first ever REALTOR® Nationwide Open House Weekend which will be held April 10–11.

Yes, there is such a thing as good behavior at an open house! An open house is an event held inviting the public onto a seller's private property to find an interested buyer.

Don't be afraid to speak to the agent holding open the house! But please know that it is VERY IMPORTANT to state immediately if you are already working with another agent. Let the open house agent know so they can adjust their conversation accordingly, and prevent any misunderstandings. Also, if you're not working with an agent yet, this may be a good time to meet and consider someone.

While interaction is good, be respectful of the agent’s time who is hosting the open house and don’t monopolize their time. If nobody else is there, please, feel free to stay and chat all you want, in fact, that's a great way to meet a Realtor and learn about the local market. But if the open house is attended by many people, please know that the agent will want to greet all of the open house guests and be sure they are available to answer questions. Should you wish to, let the open house agent know you would like to schedule another time for a more indepth conversation.

Please keep an eye on your entire family – if it’s just you or a party of adults – go in and have fun. If you have small children with you – please keep them with you (even hold the child's hand) at all times.

Don't eat or bring food or drink into someone’s home unless it’s provided there as a refreshment, and please, do not use the bathroom facilities.

Treat the home as you would want yours treated, and wipe your feet before going in. Dusty bare feet are likewise not advisable.

Every one is entitled to an opinion, but while inside please refrain from making "put-down" remarks about the home you are visiting.

Sign the guest register. If you’re working with an agent, please make that notation – even write their name down if you don't have their business card with you. If you’re not, but you do NOT want to be contacted, just indicate so – but please sign in. It helps us let the seller know how many people attended, and to know what advertising works and what doesn’t. if you saw the advertisement online, say so. If you just followed the directional signs, please mark that, but it helps sellers and their agents (and someday that could be you) to know the best marketing for their properties.

If you’d like a list of homes in an area of interest, please call (or e-mail) me.  Julia Huntsman, Broker, Lic 01188996.

(Thanks to Jennifer Klaussen in Arlington, VA for the inspiration for this post.)

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