What Do the Experts Say (About the Home Buying Market?)

As we are going towards the second half of the year, and entering our summer period with the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I have to ask:

Do YOU think the real estate market has nowhere to go except for DOWN? You're not the first one! History proves that even the experts have had it all wrong, time and time again. Consider these quotes from history’s “experts”:

#1. "Houses cost too much for the mass market. Today's average price is out of reach for two-thirds of all buyers."

#2. "The goal of owning a home seems to be getting beyond the reach of more and more buyers."

#3. "If you are looking to buy, be careful. Rising home values are not a sure thing anymore.

#4. "Most economists agree.... a home will become little more than a roof and a tax deduction, certainly not the lucrative tax investment it once was..."

#5. "Financial planners agree that houses will continue to be a poor investment.

#6. "A home is where the bad investment is.

Below is a list of sources and publishing dates from the quotes, above:

#1. Science Digest 1948
#2. Business Week 1969
#3. Miami Herald 1985
#4. Money Magazine 1986
#5. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine 1993
#6. San Francisco Examiner 1996

You can be the judge. If this is what the "experts" were saying throughout the years.... do you really think there is ever a truly bad time to own a home?
Don't get spooked out of buying or owning a home. Real estate is still a great investment..... history tells us so! I look forward to hearing from you soon.
(Courtesy Joe Tishkoff, Skyline Financial.)

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