Long Beach Single Family Houses in May Are in Demand

Single family homes in Long Beach seem to be the one property type showing some consistency in price and numbers of sales recently. At the end of May, the median price of houses currently on the market was up 5% over last May, going from $375,000 to $395,000; while the median price of sold properties was up 28% compared to May 2009. The peak for sold price was in November, not surprisingly, as the initial homebuyer tax credit was scheduled to expire in December. The trend dropped in December, but the median list price and sold price has trended upward since then. Time will tell if the current tax credit extended to April 1, and the extended period to close until September 30, will show a similar peak, or will there continue to be activity?
I keep saying this, but many buyers, especially first-timers, don't realize that low mortgage rates (currently as low as 4.5% paying one point) is actually a price drop on your home. And for condo buyers who are seeing higher HOA fees compared to 5-8 years ago, a lower mortgage rate can make up for higher monthly fees. Plus, the borrower pays much less on the total loan over a 30-year period. See the entire May single family report.
Condos seem to see more peaks and valleys in the last year, with the median price of currently listed condos being down 2%, to $235,000 from $239,000 in May 2009, and the median price of solds is up10%, $200,000 to $220,000, since May 2009, with the overall supply of condo inventory now trending down for the last several months.

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