June's Median Price Showing An Increase in Long Beach/Lakewood Area

Single family median price in Long Beach
The median price in Long Beach for a single family home has gone up for June 2010 to $370,000, with a total of 205 homes sold in this category for the month. This is a general increase from the $353,000 median in June 2009. The number of days on the market is trending downward gradually, the current average is 66 days, compared to 72 last year. Of course, this is a broad figure designed only to show a general trend, since prices vary from local area averages of $250,000 to well over $1,400,000 in single family homes in Long Beach.

Lakewood single family median price
It's a similar story for the City of Lakewood, a smaller city conceived of through city planning in the 1950's and with not so much diversity in housing inventory and selling prices as Long Beach. In June of this year, the single family home median price was $400,000 compared to $375,000 last year.

Los Angeles County as a whole shows the same trend for single family homes: $342,000 this year, $326,000 last year, for the months of June (however, that's a drop from May 2010 median which was $350,000).

Condos in Long Beach are still not as strong as houses, but overall, offer a great investment while their prices are still lower. The median at $232,500 for the city has risen 2% from last year, but has fluctuated greatly in that time, with days on market currently at 96, lower than last year's 108.  The lowest days on market of 66 was in October 2009, matching end of year buying but mostly the 1st expiration of the $8000 tax credit. For Los Angeles County, the condo median dropped to $315,000 from $360,000 one year ago.
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