Going Green: Recycle Your California Appliances

Is your refrigerator getting more expensive to run? I think mine is because it's now 10 years old, and my electricity usage is going up (but cleaning the coils can also lower electrical usage too). If you're going to replace them, don't dump your old appliances or have them hauled away before you check this program first. The California Energy Commission is behind the Cash4Appliances program. Click on the link for more information.

Don't dump your old appliances, instead, recycle them, and/or get a rebate through the listed partners if you bought from them. This includes Best Buy, Home Depot, Fry's, Howard's, Lowe's, and other major chains.  I unfortunately do not see Sears on this list (where I bought my refrigerator). This program applies to residential occupants, and landlords and tenants of residential properties.

This program started in April, 2010, and will continue until funds are gone. Per their website today, there is over $11,000,000 available in funds. This program includes your refrigerator, clothes washer, room air conditioner, freezers, dishwashers, certain water heaters, and certain furnaces. As of July 28, eligible energy efficient appliances and rebate amounts available are: refrigerators $200, clothes washers $100, and room air conditioners up to $50. California Cash for Appliance PLUS rebates include: dishwashers $100, freezers $50, water heaters $300-$750, and HVAC systems: $500-$1000.

Another source for recycling refrigerators is through Southern California Edison, which will remove your working refrigerator and pay $35.

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