FICO Scores May Mean Savings on Monthly Payment of $200

Many buyers, and property owners who want to refinance now, realize that FICO scores are important when it comes to getting a loan. But what exactly is the picture on the benefits to a higher score, and what kind of a difference will it make? Below is a general chart for score categories and interest rates.

The sample breakdown below may not be exactly like this because a borrower's other circumstances with a particular lender or a particular program could vary, so it's important to keep that in mind. But oftentimes prospective borrowers are not aware of how their decision to buy one more piece of furniture, or buying that new car, BEFORE closing escrow, may strongly impact their new monthly payment because they have added more debt.

30 year Fixed Rate Mortgage - $200,000 Loan Amount

FICO Score                APR              Monthly Payment

760-850                     4.466%          $1,009
700-759                     4.688%          $1,036
680-699                     4.865%          $1,057
660-679                     5.079%          $1,083
640-659                     5.509%          $1,137
620-639                     6.055%          $1,206

Chart courtesy of Pat Zaby

For more information on how debt and other credit issues can impact your credit score, I can forward you my Powerpoint presentation.  Also, go to http://www.myfico.com/ for objective information about credit scoring and obtaining a free credit report.

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