10 Flooring Options For "Fantastic Floors"

I really liked this article in REALTOR(R) Magazine Online today about the pros and cons of 10 different types of flooring--I wish it was a video to embed, but if you click on the link below you will go to an interactive display.

Often people make a choice because they love the way certain flooring appears, but don't consider the setting, or their own physical needs.

Have you ever considered leather tiles on your floor, or which part of your home where cork would make a good covering? These days everyone is thinking about eliminating allergens, and so they often think of removing their carpeting. But if you like carpeting, have you thought about the best kind?

Depending on the climate zone you live in, and your preferred maintenance plan, and longevity, choosing the right flooring may save you money--or not. Take a look at your options for linoleum, seagrass, bamboo, ceramic tile, concrete and stone.

Fantastic Floors - REALTOR(R) Magazine

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