Single Family Sales--Market Snapshot for May & Past 12 Months in Long Beach

Date: Avg price Dec 2010 to May 2011
'Single Family Residence'
 'Long Beach'
The most sales of single family homes in Long Beach within in past 2 years is in the $200,000-$300,000 price range: a total of 1,347. The top selling area in that price range in the last 12 months was in North Long Beach, with 821 closed sales in the last 12 months, and continues to have the highest sales volumes for May, at 71 sales, in the same price category!

Based on a group of 60 listings, Bixby Knolls/California Heights area averaged $562,025 in May with 25 sales, with the Plaza and Los Altos areas at 21 and 20 sales for May. The top 5 areas in average sales price for May are Belmont Heights at $878,900, Belmont Shore/Naples at $842,000, Park Estates at $749,000 (4 sales), Bixby Knolls/Cal Heights, and Lakewood Village at $544,000. Remember, these monthly average sold prices are based on properties sold during May, and are not their list prices.
Overall, the chart, based on MLS data, shows an  upward trend--with monthly variances--in average price since December 2010 for the City of Long Beach.

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