Long Beach--and Nearby Cities-- Residential Market Prices and Sales October 2011

Long Beach Harbor view
While prices are dropping overall in the area based on annual figures, condos in zip code 90802 showed a price increase from the prior year of 32.5%; 90803, an increase of 57.9%--and dropped in other reported zip codes (from prior year), per the Los Angeles Times zip code chart for October, 2011. 

Single family home prices in Long Beach dropped by varying percentages from 2.1% (90806) to 24.6% (90804), and based on one house sale in 90802, an increase of over 40% in price from last year.  These prices also vary according to the number of short sales and bank-owned properties in the mix.
Even though decreases are reported here, these are year-to-year, and 2011 month-to-month comparisons may actually show some increases.

October 2011 sales volume in Long Beach:

Single family homes - 181 properties
Condos/townhomes, Co-ops, OYOs, Lofts -  79 properties
Units (2-4) -28  properties

September 2011 sales volume in Long Beach:

Single family homes - 188 properties
Condos/townhomes, Co-ops, OYOs, Lofts - 75 properties
Units (2-4) - 36 properties

August 2011 sales volume in Long Beach -

Single family homes - 207 properties
Condos/townhomes, Co-ops, OYOs, Lofts - 97 properties
Units (2-4) - 40 properties

Buyers should understand that there's a lot of opportunity in the area right now--take a look at the MLS inventory vs. the number that have sold:
Currently, there are 141 active listings in the MLS for 2-4 unit properties in Long Beach, ranging from $159,900 in North Long Beach, to $1,499,000 for 4 units in Alamitos Beach (90802).

There are 668 single family homes actively listed in Long Beach from just under $100,000 in North Long Beach to over $9 million in 90803 on Sea Isle in Naples (90803).

There are 444 condos/townhomes, OYOs, Co-ops and Lofts actively listed, the vast majority of which are condominiums, ranging from $47,000 in downtown Long Beach to $1,095,000 in Spinnaker Cove.

Take a look at the properties attached to the links--it's an easy to sift through the market!

Market Prices in Other Cities:

Cerritos has had only a 6.9% drop in single family prices from October, 2010; Diamond Bar has a 25% increase; two zip codes in Downey have an increase;  Duarte, a 40% increase; San Gabriel, a 22% increase; Torrance, 3 zip codes show an increase; all zip codes in Whittier increased up to 26%; Los Alamitos, .8% increase; Garden Grove, two zip codes show increases of 2-3% range.  (See the Los Angeles Times chart for more information.)

With interest rates not seen since the 1940s, it's a great time for low monthly payments!

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