Long Beach Parks Summer Concerts for 2012

Now that "House" is over and gone forever, there's no reason to not remember the summer concert schedule for the Long Beach Municipal Band.
Long Beach is lucky to have such a music resource, not every city can maintain its own group of musicians.  Plus, Larry Curtis, the band conductor, used to be the conductor for my high school band eons ago, so that's another reason I like this band.
Week 2:
Week 1: July 10 TBD
July 5 Marine Stadium
July 6 El Dorado Park West
July 11 Los Cerritos
July 12 Marine Stadium
July 13 El Dorado Park West
Week 3: Week 4:
July 17 TBD July 24 TBD
July 18 Los Cerritos Parks July 25 Los Cerritos Parks
July 19 Marine Stadium July 26 Marine Stadium
July 20 El Dorado Park West July 27 El Dorado Park West
Week 5:
July 31 TBD
August 1 Los Cerritos Parks
August 2 Marine Stadium
August 3 El Dorado Park West


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