Home Improvement Tips--Cost vs. Value Report

There's a lot of information available about getting a new look for your home, or getting it prepared for marketing, or just getting it fixed.  But how do you know the best areas to invest your time and effort?  Every year Remodeling Magazine publishes its online report -- it's a great resource to consult with to find out what your best choices might be, both from a popularity standpoint and a financial one.  If you're thinking about or considering selling, why spend tons of money or time on a big improvement that may be your best personal choice (if you're going to live there indefinitely), but not one that the majority of buyers may deem significant, or vice-versa? Find out what the trends may be in your region. The improvement picks are not necessarily the same each year.  The annual "Cost vs Value" report for 2012 is not out yet, but should be soon, but here is the link to the Los Angeles area version from 2011.

Also, If you go to www.juliahuntsman.com and scroll down to "Houselogic", you can click and go to their main website for more home improvement tips and maintenance.  This is a really useful resource as you can save items to make your own collection.  Houselogic is another great resource from the National Association of Realtors.

Frankly, when it comes to home colors, I go to a store like Dunn-Edwards and get their paint color chips--they also have very nice brochures putting together a coordinated palette of colors for interiors and exteriors--as well as colors that could be used for various architectural styles and periods. Historical colors can be important, especially if you're located in a historic district where there may be local rules or guidance on period color selection.

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