When Am I Able to Buy Again?

Seasoning Requirements
The distressed property market began some time ago, and some people are beginning to wonder when they will be able to buy again.

Credit scores are important as well, depending on how severe the situation was and how long it will take to recover.

This is meant as a general guide only. 

For instance, if your short sale closed escrow in September of 2009, you could be eligible for an FHA loan, depending on your other loan criteria of course.  IF you have certain extentuating circumstances and were current on your mortgage at throughout the short sale, you may not have any waiting period for a new FHA loan.

To obtain a conventional FNMA loan, your waiting time is as early as 2 years after a short sale closed if you have 20% down payment.  And, for a FNMA loan, IF you can show certain extenuating circumstances, your wait might be only 3 years after a foreclosure.

Bankruptcy is one of the most damaging events to your credit, but if you work diligently to restore your credit as soon as possible, your wait could be much shorter in order to buy.  Paying bills on time and getting new credit established, perhaps by obtaining a secured credit card, are essential to improving your status as a good loan risk, according to John Walsh of Total Risk.

Please contact your lender (or I can refer you to one) for circumstances about your particular situation, because it may vary somewhat from the information here. Please contact me--I want to help you, even if you're not able to buy now.

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