What does the California Homeowner Bill of Rights Mean for You?

Gov. Jerry Brown signed this Bill of Rights on July 11, 2012 and it will take effect on January 1, 2013.  This law will help homeowners avoid foreclosure by prohibiting lenders from engaging in "dual tracking", by requiring a single point of contact for the borrower, and by giving the borrower the right to sue the lender for violations of this law.  It applies to first trust deeds on owner-occupied properties that are 1-4 units. 

The single point of contact doesn't necessarily mean the borrower will deal with only one person throughout the process, but it means "one person at a time." 

What California borrowers wanted was protection from the foreclosure process when trying to obtain a loan modification--the foreclosure department in the bank was not talking to the loan modification department and the borrower who thought they were well on their way to keeping their home, suddenly lost it in foreclosure. 

There is much more information and guidelines in this law, so for more information, please contact me with your contact information and I can e-mail or fax the entire summary about this law to you.

Don't be one of the homeowners who loses a home without searching out your other options.  Foreclosure may affect you in many ways, including candidacy for future jobs, obtaining some insurance premiums, and much more, because credit histories are often reviewed by a wide variety of sources in your life, which will make determinations about you based on what they see there.  Do all you can to avoid the pitfall of foreclosure--find free information here.

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