Increase of 24% in November Home Values in California Since 2011

November median prices for home sales in California have increased by double digits compared to one year ago, and the number of sales have also increased on a year-over-year basis as well.

Higher priced homes sold at increased numbers in November, even as sales declined overall in lower-priced areas due to fewer homes available for sale. In the Long Beach/Lakewood/Cerritos area, homes under the $500,000-$450,000 range in particular have sold very fast with multiple bids.  The California statewide median price for a single family detached home increased in November to $349,300, up from October's median of $341,370, an increase of 2.3%.  November's median price was up 24% from the November, 2011, and that is the biggest year-to-year increase since June, 2004!

Additionally, California's inventory for single family homes is down to 3.1 months overall (in some areas such as Riverside County, it's far less), and this is a decrease from 5 months of inventory one year ago.

Interest rates have dipped further to a November average of 3.35% for a fixed-rate 30-year mortgage; and it's taking fewer days to sell a home: an average of 37 days compared to 56 days one year ago.
Long Beach declining inventory 2012
Long Beach Housing Inventory Graph
In Los Angeles County, the median price is $337,000, an increase of 15% from one year ago, with the unsold inventory index at 2.9 months, down from 5.6 months one year ago (that means all existing unsold housing would sell at the current rate of sale within 2.9 months if no new listings come on the market--six months of inventory is more the number we should have.) And, this picture on inventory is not unique to Long Beach, it is typical of the local cities, county, state and national status of housing inventory.

As a side note, appraisals and buyer's lender financing issues have not away, which are topics for another post.
With the increase in prices, more homes are getting a little more equity--to find out what your values could possibly be, please find out your home's value from current and complete information directly from our Realtor MLS and tax inventory.  Even if you have no intention of selling in the near future, you may need market information about your property for a variety of reasons, such as re-financing, planning an estate, or just for your own information.

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