Being a Buyer In An All-Cash Competition

I hear from buyers who put in offer after offer, but don't get the house because of losing out to the all-cash buyer or mostly cash buyer. 

What does such a buyer need to do?  First of all, be prepared to be persistent, and persevere. Next, be totally pre-approved with a good lender.  Know the difference between the average "pre-qualification" letter and a good pre-approval letter from a reputable lender with a local track record and who can close on time, and not surprise you with last-minute underwriting issues that could have been avoided up front.  A good REALTOR can be of tremendous assistance here by pointing you in the right direction, not only with all buyer preparation for an offer, but with the local market. See how quickly you can close, and be willing to negotiate with the seller on some extra days to accommodate their moving date. Be prepared to provide all necessary documentation at the time you submit your offer, sellers want to know they can close the deal with motivated and qualified buyers, not get stuck putting the house back on the market again.

Keep in mind that cash buyers may not offer a seller the most attractive offer, and that a good price from a well-qualified buyer who is getting a loan may stand a very good chance with a motivated seller.  Keep your offer terms clear and simple, and bear in mind that trying to change your contract terms after acceptance by the seller could cause them to cancel and go with one of their backup offers.

Let the seller know you are very interested in their property as your next home (presumably you are), and tell them that when you make an offer.

Last, but not least, review the 10 items to the right to remind you about being a successful buyer! I'm experienced with both 1st time and repeat buyers and can help you position yourself towards success for your next purchase, contact me at 562-896-2609.

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