Home Projects in Los Angeles area: Cost vs. Value

10 Remodel Projects

It's that time of year when homeowners might be thinking of making some improvements.  Or, if you're buying a home this year, you'd like to know what your best improvement might be to fix up a new home.

Remodeling Magazine 2013 report breaks down project costs and returns by geographic area.

For the Los Angeles area, a steel entry door replacement offers one of the highest returns on cost--not everyone wants one for their front door, however.  Perhaps that won't fit in with the local guidelines if you live in a historic district, but you definitely would want one if you have an attached garage with a direct entry into the house for local fire code reasons.

Outdoor decks and garage door replacements are the next high value return projects. Garage doors especially when the garage is attached to the house affect the appearance of your home greatly.

Vinyl or wood window replacements are high on the list of return as well, especially when offering dual-paned inserts.

Interestingly, bathroom remodels and bathroom additions are between 50% and 65% return on value, yet when shopping for a home, updated bathrooms and kitchens are quite significant for most buyers.

All 2013 projects have increased in return on value since 2011, click here for the entire list of projects.

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