Selling a California Property and 1031 Exchanging Out-of-State

Suppose that today, January 27, 2014, you closed escrow ("sold") your California property due to be part of an exchange in the state where you currently live (not California).  Did you know that the State of California now wants its money, if any is to be made? 

So, effective January 1, 2014, California Assembly Bill 92 now adds a new annual tax reporting requirement for those taxpayers who exchange California property under federal Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 for non-California replacement property.  This means "all individuals, estates, and trusts, and all business entities regardless of their residency status or commercial domicile" must report the amount of the gain (or loss) on the property which is deferred in the 1031 exchange.  If it isn't reported, then the Franchise Tax Board will estimate and decide for you what your amount of income is from the sale of your property, and assess tax, interest, and penalties due it. 

No more taking your property and then avoiding California tax by doing an out-of-state exchange, and then a later sale. Read more here about the new law.

Can I help you decide on the market value of your property? Whether it's one unit (home, condo, townhome), duplex, triplex, 4-units or more, I can help you with an income/expense analysis, plus free information about 1031 exchanges.  Please contact me at 562-896-2609, julia@juliahuntsman.com.

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