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Seller's selling tasks
Every year  National Association of Realtors publishes its survey of home buyers and sellers, but this 2011-2012 survey (most recent) on FSBO's (for sale by owner) shows one of the largest gaps I've seen in selling price.  Traditionally, the figure was about a 5% difference in selling price (including all costs)between selling on one's own vs. being represented by a REALTOR. This, however, is showing a 20% difference in price when sellers did not use professional representation.

Not to pick on just one group, though, the graphic really highlights the issues before all sellers:

Having enough time to devote to preparing your home for sale, reviewing and negotiating all items as represented in transactional documents, understanding buyer financing issues, and being on top of the current market so that your setting the right price.

Very often, sellers focus on price to the exclusion of other terms, and may actually end up with a lower bottom line.  How is this possible? It's important to recognize negotiating issues and how much to give, or not give.

For an estimate of your home's value (condo, single family or residential units), please contact me.  If you're thinking you need to save money, you should first get an accurate estimate.  Your home could be worth more than you think (although I don't endorse overpricing), and you could actually net more than you originally thought by using a knowledgeable REALTOR.

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