California Propositions 60 and 90, Still a Good Tax Tool

These propositions allow for the transfer of a property's tax base, meeting certain requirements, for persons over the age of 55.

Proposition 60 allows for the value of an existing residence to a replacement residence within the same county, for every county in California.  The replacement home must be of equal or lesser value, and must be acquired or constructed within two years (before or after) the sale of the original property.  Transfers between parents and children will probably not qualify, as the original property must be subject to an appraisal (or re-appraisal).

Equal or lesser value of the replacement property is determined at 100%, 105% or 110% of the original property depending on the timing of the purchase/construction: before the original property is sold, within the first year, or within the 2nd year, after the original property is sold.  The guidelines are definite, and the replacement property will not qualify for the tax base transfer if the criteria is not strictly met.

A change from the recent years is the increase in number of counties honoring intercounty transfers.  At one time there were only five counties, there are now nine: Alameda, Ventura, Santa Clara, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Mateo, San Diego and El Dorado Counties.  These nine counties have passed ordinances which all intercounty base year transfers.  These counties will accept a value transfer from any other county in California as long as all requirements are met.

For the seller thinking of relocating, this is an opportunity to move from, for example, the higher cost areas within Orange or Los Angeles Counties to a lower cost area in a county among the above group of nine. This can work well for someone leaving a condominium to purchase a house in a different area.

If you are considering such a move, I would be happy to provide a list of available properties from several of these counties! Please contact me via phone or e-mail for available properties in areas you might be considering, and also for an estimate of current home value of your current residence.

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