California Smoke Detectors Requirements on July 1, 2014

Are you concerned about your smoke alarms? You should be.  The law is changing as of July 1, 2014 in California.   According to CA's Health and Safety Code, all smoke alarms installed after July 1 must have none-replaceable battery with a 10-year battery life.  If you have currently have smoke alarms installed, you are not required to replace it until you replace it with a new smoke alarm.

Also,beginning January 1, 2015, the State Fire Marshal will require all smoke alarms to:
  • display the date of manufacture;
  • provide a place where the date of installation can be written; and
  • incorporate a hush feature.
Landlords should be careful to note rules regarding their rental units/properties, and though there is no time schedule for inspections of smoke alarms," if a smoke alarm defect can be reasonably ascertained visually during a landlord’s visit to the unit, the landlord needs to repair or replace the device."  This also includes notifications by tenants of any problems.

Property owners applying for building permits will also have to review their smoke alarms when there is more than $1,000 of work to be done.

Sellers of property will be required to make all disclosures on their Transfer Disclosure Statement concerning the status of smoke alarms.  See the full article.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2007-2011, the leading cause of  non-fatal home fires was cooking equipment.  The leading cause of home deaths by fire were smoking materials.  One-quarter of all fire deaths were caused by fires started in the bedroom. See full article.

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