Single Family Home Prices in Long Beach 90803 and the City of Long Beach

Single family home prices in the 90803 zip code (including Bluff Park, Belmont Shore, Naples, Belmont Heights) have, on average, ranged between $554,000 and $970,000 over the last three years. November 2011 and September 2014 are so far the two highest points on the scale. The majority of houses selling over $900,000 during 2014 in this zip code are mostly in Belmont Shore, next is The Peninsula, Bluff Park and the lower part of Belmont Heights.
MLS: RS1406706
A home in the price range may have 3 bedrooms, 2+ baths, about 2100 sq.ft. on the interior, was about 70-80 years old, and was typically on the market for about 80 days. The property at the right at 177 Glendora was actually on the market 203 days per CRMLS, and closed escrow on October 20, 2014 selling at $969,000.

If you would like more information about the value of your home in this area, or any other area, please contact me for an in-person or online valuation.  Online valuations are considered more general, but a reasonable estimate of value may be obtained by looking at similar sales within a certain range and size.   

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